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Bring Something Special...

Contact us to place your order!  We require a minimum of 5 days' notice for all custom orders, and all orders must be paid in full prior to pick-up.


1 dozen decorated: $42.00 plus GST

Gender Reveal Cupcakes $50.00 and Up plus GST

*Chocolate, *Vanilla, *Lemon, Carrot Cake, Spice Cake

*Vegan (Icing is always vegan)


Cake for 5-8 people (8x8) $25.00 plus GST

Cake for 8-15 people (double 9x13) $50.00 plus GST

Cake for 15-25 people (sheet cake) $75.00 plus GST

Cake for 25+ people (double sheet cake) $100.00 +

*Chocolate, *Vanilla, *Lemon, Carrot Cake, Spice Cake

*Vegan (Icing is always vegan)


1 dozen regular Tarts $37.00 plus GST

1 dozen Bakewell Tarts $42.00 plus GST

1 dozen Tart Shells $13.00 plus GST

*Regular Tarts contain Egg, Coconut, Soy and Corn; contact the bakery to discuss ingredient options

**Bakewell Tarts contain Almond, Soy and Egg

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